Akuapem Ridge Eco Cities is a new visionary model for the development of off-grid, integrated and resilient eco-villages that can power and feed self-reliant families around the world. The concept has a holistic approach and combines a variety of innovative technologies, such as energy positive homes, renewable energy, energy storage, door-step high-yield organic food production, vertical farming aquaponics/aeroponics, water management and waste-to-resource systems.

With the integration of such technologies, Akuapem Ridge Eco cities holds a potential in changing some of the challenges of a growing population, increasing urbanization, scarcity of resources, the growing global food crisis as well as reducing the global CO2 emission and reducing the burdens on municipal and national governments in dynamically changing planetary and economic times.

Akuapem Ridge Eco cities is all about applied technology. Already existing technologies are simply being applied into an integrated community design, providing clean energy, water and food right off the doorstep.

Akuapem Ridge Eco cities adds not only environmental and financial value, but also social value, by creating a framework for empowering families and developing a sense of community, where people become part of a shared local eco-system: reconnecting people with nature and consumption with production.

Akuapem Ridge Eco cities is a showcase of holistic innovation, creativity and cosmopolitan living, an exciting new suburb featuring premium homes, town homes and apartments.

With its unique combination of green spaces, innovative design and rich history, this is a place where the best of new ideas and old traditions meet in a grand celebration of character, craftsmanship and community.

Discover a new world by the river and find daily inspiration in the magnificent outdoor spaces, the world-class architecture and a spectacular waterway at your door.

Akuapem Ridge Eco cities a lushly landscaped neighbourhood where residents can wander along paths through leafy parks, community gardens or along the spectacular elevated park, The Paper Trail.

With rooftop terraces, bike paths, playgrounds, riverside trails and expansive gardens, this is a place to enjoy green open spaces, fresh air and time outdoors at your doorstep.

Health And Wellness

Akuapem Ridge Eco cities is a place for healthy living and a dynamic lifestyle, with spaces for moments of quiet reflection or a spontaneous game of cricket on the lawn. At Akuapem Ridge Eco cities, nature is enjoyed in all its forms, from the cycle trails, running tracks, and beautiful outdoor swimming pool to the meticulously crafted on springs and internal parks, each with a unique design and story.

Residents can also enjoy the latest in health and wellness at Akuapem Ridge Eco cities own stateof-the-art wellness centre containing a 25m heated indoor swimming pool, yoga exercise areas, spin class rooms, steam and sauna rooms, a large commercial grade equipped gym, child care, personal trainer areas, massage rooms and a juice and health food bar.


Akuapem Ridge Eco cities boasts a cutting edge level of technology, connecting the individual with the Akuapem Ridge Eco cities community. Residents will belong to a smart wired suburb with  high-speed internet and free public Wi-Fi, while an exclusive Akuapem Ridge Eco cities Resident App will connect residents to a variety of amenities and information within the suburb including public transport timetables, home delivery and social events. The app will also act as a control pad for smart wiring and devices within the home.

Akuapem Ridge Eco cities residents will also have access to a full time tech concierge who will be able to assist with everything from setting up home entertainment and sound systems, to assistance with smart-wiring and future-focused technology. Each home will be entitled to ten-hours of this free technical service per year.


Akuapem Ridge Eco cities will have its own cosmopolitan hospitality sector with a spacious 2,000m² of open public space and an al fresco dining scene overlooking Artisan Park. Providores, gourmet grocers and independent food makers will share old traditions and the newest flavours with the Akuapem Ridge Eco cities locals. From freshly baked bread to local cheese and wine, a daily farmers’ market experience will be right at the door. Melbourne’s leading food operators will make a new home in this precinct, all selected by Akuapem Ridge Eco cities’s very own food curator.


Akuapem Ridge Eco cities a future-focused suburb that leads the way in the integration of cutting edge technology and environmental design. The latest in sustainable thinking has informed every decision at Akuapem Ridge Eco cities, from electric car charge points to solar PV systems and energy efficient lighting. In addition, by using Tesla power walls, surplus energy can be stored which allows each home to run on zero or cost utility fees.

With community gardens, expanses of parkland and green rooftops, this carefully considered urban environment is in perfect harmony with its natural surrounds.


Akuapem Ridge Eco cities is designed for residents to expand their knowledge, improve their health and explore new cultural horizons. Families, individuals, artists and professionals will share ideas, knowledge and create a new suburb with a unique culture and identity. Located within the zone of the highest regarded schools and universities in the country, and with a brand new primary school, Akuapem Ridge Eco cities will also be a place for children to study close to home, and for adults to enjoy classes in the evening.